I was happily married for several years. I have beautiful children.
A hard working husband, sweet, a good father and has given me everything. But everything had changed. He changed completely, he was angry often always arguing etc... I was disgusted with all and was so so sad. But I had no choice but to talk to my mom. She advised me to seek help. She contacted a woman by the name of Maria. I was so impressed by her as she read me, it was as if she knew what was happening to me as if she had been to my house observing it all. She mentioned that there was a woman involved and outside forces/envious people. Maria was dead on, She hit the nail on the head. my husband made a full confession The neighbors setup the entire relationship because it seems they did not want to see us together.  But with the wisdom of Mrs. Maria, I managed to save my marriage. And I was able to recoup all that had been lost for a moment. With this all said  I recommend that if you need help to see Maria at Botanica San Lazaro, she is like no other an Angel sent from above. Thank you Maria!



I am from Elizabeth New Jersey. My family and  I  were heartbroken because my sister was hospitalized
for several weeks every day was worse her life was fading, doctors could not give us a specific diagnosis. I talk to my best friend, she lives in Philadelphia, Pa. She told me to get help and told me she had the perfect person. She made me an appointment with Mrs. Maria. A woman that helps people with various Dilemmas/issues. My sisters ailments were a result of someone doing evil works to her. We brought  Mrs. Maria to the hospital, she gave my sister a spiritual cleansing, and a few small spiritual preparations. Everything was a blessing. The next day the doctors came and asked Nadia what have you done? I cannot believe that you're okay. You have nothing your health has changed  overnight. That was an angel who came to visit me. And that Angel is called Maria. Thank God for placing her in my path. I recommend making an appt if you have medical issues that have not been diagnosed.  Please don't take my word for it, go see her for yourself. Thank you Maria! God Bless you.



My life was void and without form. I was aimlessly wandering without purpose.
I wanted to make a change, however my background and lack of education left me little choice. I laid in bed after a hard days work listening to a local radio station and heard the announcer say "if you want to change your llife" there is a person that can help go to Botanica San Lazaro and see Mrs. Maria. I thought well, I'll try it I have nothing to lose and all to gain. Mrs. Maria was one of my only options so I went for it. It seemed as if she knew my life in it's entirety, struggles etc. She recommended some spiritual baths and a cleansing. It seemed as very little time passed before I was able to find gainful employment and also purchased my first home. She was able to foresee things that I was unwilling or not able to see. She gave me the best advice and today I owe it all to God and Mrs. Maria. If you find that your life has lost it's flavor and need some help please call her... Thank you Maria you are an Angel....



I would like to share my story. Six years ago, I had the best man in my life.
He helped me with my children, was a great provider, and worked so hard for the family. What more could I ask for, I was happy, until he was lost to drugs. He began to steal from me and my children. I don’t know if the drugs possessed him to do this, if it was envy, or even witchcraft. We tried rehab and other methods for many years, but it was useless. I sorrowfully had to call the police on many occasions, but he continued to return. I wanted to resolve this situation before it was too late. I decided to visit Mrs. Maria from Botanica San Lazaro. She helped to create distance between us which led to our final separation. My children were once again at peace. Thank you Maria for being an angel and helping me.


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